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Octopus is the first revolutionary laundry equipment &
systems provider based in Malaysia.

Intelligent Automations Save Time & Money

Octo Automations is a system designed for laundry owners, equipped with real-time monitoring and reporting capabilities. Take control of your business from anywhere, anytime. Access complete records of cash and token transactions, as well as collect machine performance data.

Octo 4M Automations

4M Real-time monitoring & reporting

Our research and development team is consistently exploring ways to integrate our machines with new and emerging technologies. This approach aims to address real-life challenges through a fully intelligent digital system, benefiting all parties including owners and operators.

Octopus Washer

Industrial-grade washing machine with powerful wash cycle and durable build quality.

Octopus Stacked Units

Two machines for the price of one. save space and enjoy long-lasting, sustained performance.

Octopus Dryer

Top-Performing dryer in the market with dual directional rotation and improved airflow for quick drying. fully convertible: gas or electric.

Special Features of the Machines

Industrial-Grade Full Stainless Steel Body

Intelligent Automations Save Time & Money

Our research and development team is always looking to merge our machines with new and emerging technologies that can further improve the industry’s landscape.x

Octo Collect

Innovation token exchanger that can control up to 14 machines

Octo Dosing

Detergent and softener are fed through auto-dosing pumps and stored in a large drum

Octo App

Real-time monitoring and reporting. Monitor your business from anywhere, anytime

Octopus Innovations

Helpful innovations to laundry

Our products come with helpful innovations that we know are helpful to laundry owners, managers and customers alike. These are some of those innovations.

Octo Support

We have an automated chat support system to provide 24/7 support to customers

Octo Records

Complete records of all cash and token in & out with admin password security

Octo Gas & Electric

Two heating flexible deployment options are available with the same user experience and operation

We Build Around The World

Asia . Europe . North America . South America . Africa . Oceania

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